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Speed Awareness Course




The driver rehabilitation counselling and training course (also a speed awareness course) is designed for drivers that have habitually disregarded the law and the safety of other road users. The course focuses on determining the root causes of the violations. It focuses on the participants beliefs, attitude and behaviour as outlined in the higher-level of the Goals for driver education (GDE) matrix.

Through interaction and discussion in an adult learning environment, the speed awareness course seeks to improve the participants intellectual skills. It also raises awareness of both the legal and moral responsibility of drivers.

speed awareness training

The on-road evaluation examines the application of the learnings from the classroom session to normal driving situations. Each participant must sign a declaration outlining agreed areas of their driving which they commit to improving. The awareness course is suitable for those that have reached the maximum penalty points, returning to driving after a ban, involved in serious road traffic collisions and/or road traffic offences.

Speed Awareness Course Prerequisites

The following is required in order to undergo the course:

Current Irish Driving Licence

A vehicle the participant is insured to drive that is safe, legal and roadworthy

Course Learning Outcomes

To achieve an understanding of the importance between, beliefs, attitude and behaviour

To achieve an improvement in attitude, knowledge, skill and judgement that results in a sustained positive driving behaviour

To appreciate both moral and legal responsibility of road safety to other road users and society

To improve driver attitude and behaviour resulting in increased risk awareness of the potential harm negative driving behaviour can have on other road users

This course will deliver the required counselling and training through discussion in an adult learning classroom setting, followed by an on-road evaluation.

Aims of the Course

To equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their driving behaviour

To promote safe driving behaviour and eliminate violations of the law, which could result in road traffic collisions and harm to other road users.

The Objectives of the Course

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

Promote and develop a positive attitude resulting in positive behaviour towards driving and other road users

Demonstrate an understanding of the links between, beliefs, attitude and behaviour

Explain both the legal and moral responsibility of a driver

Consistently display low risk driving techniques

Reliably demonstrate the use of creating adequate space and time

To be able to explain the risks and impacts associated with bad driving behaviour


Modules will consist of:

Interactive coaching session

On-road Evaluation